1. If Nothing Else, Eve, We've Enjoyed the Fruit
    What happens when a kept woman refuses to take her ridatemp and begins thinking for herself? In If Nothing Else, Eve, We've Enjoyed the Fruit; she begins talking to bunches of grapes and cantaloupe that convince her to commit murder. Through her visitations with fruit, the woman learns that a gender war can be reversed by traveling back in time and eradicating the Tree of Knowledge and its villainous apples. The fruit persuade her by telling her four other stories: Boys Will be Boys: A spa is turned into a concentration camp: just don't ride the elevators! Ripped to Shreds: Pregnant Jody Burkhoff's body is changing rapidly, but not as quickly as the lupine metamorphosis of her husband. First the neighborhood animals are mutilated, then the neighbors are viciously murdered. Which proves to be more dangerous, a monstrous creature or a hormonal woman? O: Khaki Barlow enters a pageant in which only one woman survives. She must complete tasks that are both mentally and physically daunting, all while trying to learn the meaning of the words left by the eliminated: I am here. Does she face incredible fears? Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? The Prison of a Man: Told as an ethnographical project, Lara Thomas researches the deaths of shoppers at a mall embedded in a small town, and encounters the legendary Goat Man. If Nothing Else (Prologue): Readers learn the final decision in the gender war.
  2. Voices from the Gloom, Volume 1
    Voices from the Gloom is an eclectic collection of tales that will echo in your mind, making you question what is real and what isn’t. Whether it’s a mail delivery system with terrifying consequences, a sucker bet with an indelible foe, or a cellar full of family secrets – each of twelve stories contained within will leave you breathless and begging for more. Let yourself get lost in the different voices. Let their horrific nature speak to you from the shadows. Let them pull you in and wring the marrow from your soul…
  3. Expiration Date
    This new anthology focuses on the what-ifs of the "end-dates" that surround us, and how they impact our lives and our world, and ourselves. "Modern lives seem littered with expiration dates" says anthology editor Nancy Kilpatrick. "Packaging tells us when our food will go bad; when we can expect appliances to cease functioning; when contracts for the internet finish! But as annoying as these small expiration dates are, they fade to nothing compared to the larger events: when a species goes extinct; when a body of water evaporates, or dies because the PH balance alters; when giant icebergs break apart and glaciers melt forever, threatening the ecosystem of this planet." Kilpatrick reminds us "From the micro to the macro in terms of expirations, we are faced with the one termination with which we are all too familiar — the up-close-and-personal end of life for each of us and for the ones we love. It?s the personal that terrifies us most because it feels the most real." Expiration Date features 25 original pieces of short fiction by some of the world's top Dark Fiction writers.
  4. Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages
    ’s a wonder humanity ever survived into the twenty-first century. Even Neanderthals knew to bury the dead beneath stones to prevent corpses from rising. Ancient civilizations feared slain warriors would return from battlefields, medieval physicians worried that bodies would rise from plague pits, many cultures buried the dead at crossroads to prevent the dead from walking. In Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages, editor Steve Berman has collected stories that reveal the threat of revenants and the living dead is far from recent. From the Bronze Age to World War II, this anthology guides us through millennia of thrills, chills, kills, carnage, horror, and havoc wreaked throughout history by the walking dead.
  5. Attack! of the B-Movie Monsters: Alien Encounters
    They come in peace. Or do they come to "serve" man? Are they quiet observers, or are they plotting the annihilation of mankind? ATTACK! of the B-Movie Monsters: Alien Encounters Seventeen tales of out of this world thrills and chills!
  6. The Last Diner
    We've all been there; the restaurant or eating establishment that you remember forever because it gave you nightmares or food poisoning. In The Last Diner, Theresa Derwin has collected together nineteen short stories set in or around eateries, where unnamed horrors lurk. From the insatiable appetite in 'All You Can Eat', to a totalitarian city ruler who wants the services of a famous baker; from a diner cook who likes to give his customers the 'special treatment' and a case where curiosity, and the need for a late night burger, killed the cat, these stories will make you laugh, cringe, possibly vomit up your last meal and shudder. From freegan restaurants, to burger joints, diners, five star establishments and the basement of a usurper's palace, you won't forget your meal at 'The Last Diner' in a hurry.
  7. The Blood Lights